Migrants Seen Being Ushered Through 'Security Gate' into Border Patrol Van

Nick Kangadis | July 23, 2021
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In a video posted to Twitter on Thursday by Fox News national correspondent Bill Melugin, migrants can be seen being ushered through the U.S./Mexico border and being put into a Border Patrol van.

Melugin noted in the caption of his tweet that this was not an isolated incident.

“This is one of several groups we’ve seen come through today,” Melugin wrote. “Our drone team in RGV [Rio Grande Valley] says 300+ have already crossed in La Joya, TX as of 9am.”

With the crisis in Cuba continuing, anti-lockdown protests happening all over the world, the unrest in South Africa and the media’s use of the Delta variant to try and keep people in fear, the ever-increasing crisis at the U.S. southern border has been pushed to the side by the radical media and the vast majority of U.S. politicians.

Vice President Kamala Harris, who was put in charge of the situation at the border by President Joe Biden, hasn’t addressed anything concerning immigration since July 17 on her Twitter account. And even then, Harris only tweeted to "DREAMERS" to calm their fears of "experiencing fear and uncertainty."

The Biden regime seems worried about everything but the crisis at the southern border...okay, and inflation.

H/T: Timcast