As Millions Suffer, Lefty Radio Host Says He Hopes Hurricane Ian Destroys Mar-a-Lago

Brittany M. Hughes | September 29, 2022
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Liberal radio talk show host Chip Franklin let the truth spew out Wednesday when he openly said he hopes Hurricane Ian destroys Florida so viciously that Donald Trump has to permanently evacuate.

And, you know, screw anyone else who gets caught in the storm.

Franklin, who boasts some 333,000 followers on Twitter, blasted, “Is it wrong to wish for Hurricane Ian to flood Mar-a-Largo so badly that Trump can never stay there again?”

Yes, Chip. It’s wrong – not that you’d know or care.

Of course, Trump’s got the money to go just about wherever he wants. It’s the millions of other people whose ordinary two-story four-bedrooms are getting swept away in the flood who’ll suffer the brunt of the devastation. Entire homes have been torn apart like cardboard, at least one person is dead, untold others are missing, countless people are waiting on rescue and God only knows how much property will be left in ruins when the clouds have cleared, leaving thousands to pick up the tattered remnants of their ravaged town.

But who really cares about them if it means the storm inconveniences a former president you don’t like, yeah?

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Then again, it's pretty easy to ignore the mass destruction of entire communities when you have no respect for the people who live in them. Fresh off saying he hops the hurricane wrecks the state, Franklin added:

Class act, that one.