Minnesota Trans Inmate Scores Vaginoplasty, $495K, and a Transfer to Women's Prison After Suing the State

Brittany M. Hughes | June 5, 2023
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A Minnesota male inmate who thinks he’s a woman is begin moved to an all-women’s prison and getting a taxpayer-funded fake vagina and a check for nearly half a million dollars, all to support his gender “identity” delusion.

It’s true. Well, the infuriating story is, anyway - Christina Lusk’s belief that he’s actually a she is about as real as a purple unicorn that farts pixie sticks. Not that those facts amount to a hill of beans today.

Lusk, who is five years into his six-year sentence for felony drug crimes, sued the Minnesota Department of Corrections last year after being denied a tax-funded vaginoplasty in support of his gender “identity.” Lusk had reportedly already been in talks with doctors about the surgery before being arrested, and had undergone “top surgery” - i.e., breast implants - before landing in jail.

The 57-year-old prisoner claimed in his lawsuit that he was heckled and harassed by male inmates in prison, and had asked to be moved to a female-only facility that aligned with his “identity.” The state denied the request and refused to pay for his castration and non functional vaginal construction. So, Lusk sued.

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In a recent settlement, the Minnesota DOC has agreed to transfer Lusk, fund his “bottom surgery,” and fork over $495,000 in damages. The state also passed a new policy back in January that will allow inmates to be transferred to prisons that align with their “gender identities,” paving the way for more men to be placed in women’s prisons (notice how it rarely goes the other way...I wonder why?).

"Everybody needs to come together in unity, and embrace positive change,” Lusk said in a statement following the announcement of the settlement. “I believe we have made a big step toward allowing people to express who they truly are, and bring some sort of peace and happiness to their lives.”

Just not, you know, to the actual female inmates who will now have to share their space with a dude. But who cares about women when you can score points with an oppressed man?

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