Minnesota 'Trans Refuge' Bill Threatens To Strip 'Non-Affirming' Parents of Child Custody

Brittany M. Hughes | March 27, 2023
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A new bill making its way through the Minnesota state legislature threatens to strip parents of the custody of their own children if they don’t affirm their child’s “gender identity” and help them in their “transition.”

Pull up a chair and enjoy this descent into madness.

The bill, which supposed sets Minnesota up as a “trans refuge” for gender-confused kids whose home states have outlawed puberty blockers, unnatural hormone therapies and physically mutilating surgeries for kids, states that any such law by another state (the neighboring South Dakota, for example) will not be enforced against children and their families who come to Minnesota in search of “gender-affirming care.”

I.e., the harmful and often irreversible process of trying to physically mutilate a child into something he or she cannot biologically be.

Likewise, if another state that has banned the practice of child castration has ordered that a child be removed from the custody of their parent over gender-related child abuse, the Minnesota bill declares that the state will not enforce that demand.

But lest you believe that’s because Minnesota cares so greatly about parental rights, think again.

If signed into law, the measure would also give the state court the legal say-so to determine which parent gets custody of their child if they are in Minnesota "for the purpose of obtaining gender-affirming health care.” Translation? If Mom was Billy to become Barbara but Dad doesn’t, Dad’s crap outta luck.

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And if both parents decide they don’t want their child chemically castrated or their healthy reproductive organs hacked off? Legal experts say that under the new bill, the state can step in and take emergency custody of the kid under the same provisions that currently apply to physical child abuse.

"The most insidious aspect of this bill is the language that adds children who are being denied ‘gender-affirming care’ (defined as everything from therapy to hormone blockers, to transition surgery) to what amounts to the definition for a child ‘in need of protection or services’ in Minnesota, allowing the courts to take ‘emergency custody’ of the child," Bob Roby, a licensed attorney in Minnesota with more than 30 years experience in family and juvenile court, told Fox News. 

“When a child is at risk of being harmed by a parent or custodian, the State has immediate authority to remove and protect the child from harm. Without this, there would be no way to protect children in those situations," Roby went on. "To add children who are being denied ‘gender affirming care’ to the definition of children in need of this kind of drastic emergency action is obviously unwarranted.”

The bill has already passed the Minnesota House in a party-line 68-62 vote and will now advance to the state Senate, where Democrats hold a one-seat majority.

Let's hope they still hold some common sense, too.