'Minutemen' Mascot May Be Disarmed - Could Become a Crocodile

Eric Scheiner | April 28, 2023
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It's a historical symbol dating back to the American revolution – but there seems to be a problem now with the name “minutemen.”

“Some of the brutality, them being a militia,” said Julene Mackinnon, Concord High principal says.

Concord High in California’s East Bay has been trying to change the name for some time, desperately searching for something more “culturally appropriate.”

NBC Bay Area reports:

Last year, they were closing in on the crocodiles. But that never went through due to transparency issues and a lack of student involvement.

Crocodiles have never been transparent enough in their actions in my opinion, and the name change at this school seems to indicate the crocs are continuing their deceptive ways.



Parents have been speaking out against the change for months. They believe the mascot measure adopted in 2021 gives schools the option to change their mascot.

Some are proposing to please the culture police and disarm the minuteman, by taking away his gun and giving him a female companion.

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The school plans to make an announcement on the mascot makeover in the next few weeks, unless somehow the non-transparent crocodiles foil their plans.

Because it’s just way too offensive to have an armed minuteman logo in California. What a croc.


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