More Climate Cult Craziness: CA Bans 76K Trucks Made Pre-2010

P. Gardner Goldsmith | January 11, 2023
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As if the government strangulation of oil, natural gas, fertilizer, refined gasoline and Diesel fuel weren’t enough to wallop our wallets, as if the Biden and Trudeau jab mandates for cross-border truckers weren’t sufficiently damaging the supply chain, and as if federal mandates on truckers themselves weren’t smothering their ability to do their jobs, now, as 2023 begins, we get to enjoy the news that California’s new “truck regulations” are making it illegal to operate large hauling rigs sold prior to 2010.

The state already was making it nearly impossible for truckers to operate, because a decade ago, the geniuses at the California Air Resources Board (CARB – get it, as in CARBON?) instituted a ban on truck and bus engines built through to 2006.

But in April of 2022, despite the U.S. Constitution prohibiting this kind of indirect taking without compensation, despite the lack of any jury determining that said engines brought direct harm to the life or property of other people, and despite their fearmongering about carbon emissions and so-called “anthropogenic climate change” lacking real, scrutiny-passing evidence/data, the CARB Climate Cultists announced that they were going a step further.

They just took that step – a giant leap into higher costs for any trucker who kept a pre-2010 rig running, and a giant leap towards the clear goal of the Cultists: to force drivers into electric vehicles that simply cannot handle heavy loads the way internal combustion engines (ICE) can.

Overdrive Online reports:

'California's ban on trucks with pre-2010 emissions spec engines took effect Jan. 1, effectively banning an estimated 76,000 trucks from the state's highways. 

As of the start of 2023, all trucks with 2009-and-older engines are prohibited in the state.”


Perhaps horses and buggies will make a comeback…

“Part of the California Air Resources Board's enforcement mechanism this go-around is to prevent registration or renewal of any such vehicle — the default CARB and the California Department of Motor Vehicles will use in that regard is an assumption that truck model years 2008 through 2010 are powered by by (sic) 2007-2009 engines. Unless owners take steps with the agencies to prove otherwise, registrations/renewals will be blocked.”

Thus, truckers who own them, and who want to continue hauling freight to willing consumers? They’ll have to buy new trucks.

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If this brings back haunting echoes of the insane and unconstitutional 2009 “Cash for Clunkers” scheme of the Obama Administration – in which the feds paid people up to $4,500 to turn in old cars that were then rendered useless, driving up the deficit, driving tax money into areas consumers would not have chosen, and driving up the cost of used cars – you’re mental hearing is spot-on.

But, wherein the Obama-ites forced taxpayers to subsidize the clunker-owners who dumped their cars (many of which might not have been unreliable “clunkers” at all), in this case, the state of California isn’t compensating the truckers. And the truckers have no choice.

The U.S. Constitution prohibits any government taking without just compensation. Will some truckers or trucking companies sue the state of California? Would any judges stand up for the rights of the truckers?

Does the tiny “allowance” CARB grants mean that everything is hunky-dory? Notes Overdrive Online:

“Drivers who do own a 2010 model year truck with a 2010 model year engine can report that their engine is compliant through CARB's Excluded Diesel Vehicle Reporting data base (EDVR). 

An analysis from Overdrive sister company RigDig Business Intelligence found 75,951 unique VINs for 2007-2009 model year trucks with some level of activity in California over the last five years, including registrations and inspections.”

What makes it okay for the government to engage in any of this kind of activity?

If most of us would recognize the immorality, the sheer mafia-like nature, of a single thug threatening someone to stop using the vehicle or tool that the innocent person peacefully owns, how does increasing the number of thugs and affixing a state label on the gang make that kind of aggression any more acceptable?

Of course, it doesn’t. And, especially given the volume of material moving by truck from the coast of California to the rest of the nation, this CARB mandate is going to harm all of us.

How long must we suffer the insane dictates of collectivists? And how much longer can truckers continue to operate in this increasingly oppressive government control grid?

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