More Evidence Surfaces Of FBI Misconduct During the Clinton Email Investigation

John Romero | June 4, 2019
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Through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, Judicial Watch says they've obtained new emails showing that not only did the FBI give special treatment to Hillary Clinton during the investigation into her use of a private server for official government business, they also mishandled evidence when it came to the transcripts of four of the interviews between the Clinton team, and the FBI.

The case of special treatment comes from emails obtained between then-FBI general counsel James Baker and multiple personnel in the upper echelon of the FBI at the time.

In an email talking about Clinton’s lawyer wanting FBI documents through a FOIA request, Baker states:

...I said that we would process it expeditiously. David [Clinton’s lawyer] asked us to focus first on the Secretary’s 302 [FBI interview report]. I said OK. [Redacted] We will have to focus on this issue tomorrow and get the 302 out the door as soon as possible and then focus on the rest of the stuff.

In subsequent emails handed over to Judicial Watch, Baker states that he would even give Clinton and her lawyers advanced warning before the 302’s of the Clinton team interviews were to be released to the public. This would allow them to construct their narrative before the rest of the public would see the documents.

The most revealing detail in this latest email exchange was when Lisa Page, the former lover of Peter Strzok (whose anti-Trump texts led to his own firing as well as her resignation) showed that four of the 302’s were never written. 

...when Pete identified for [redacted] the DOJ edits that needed to be made to the 302s [redacted] discovered that there were four (I think) 302s that had never been written. What I don’t know is whose 302s they are.

This would mean that there is no official transcript or summary for those interviews between the FBI and Clinton team members.

Not only that, but it turns out that when Hillary Clinton gave her testimony, she was not required to give a sworn oath to tell the truth.

(Cover Photo: Gage Skidmore)