Moronic: WarnerMedia ‘Mask Up America’ Video Features Edited Iconic Film Characters With Masks

Sergie Daez | February 12, 2021
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Leftists are resorting to idiotic measures to get people to wear a mask - sometimes more than one. Just look at WarnerMedia, the parent company of TV network HBO and entertainment conglomerate Warner Bros. 

The company tweeted a video filled with clips of popular film scenes, including the iconic “Here’s looking at you, kid” part from "Casablanca." The only difference is that the characters of "Rick Blaine" and "Ilsa Lund" are masked, as is every other film character featured in the video.

The accompanying description proclaimed, “Heroes wear masks. Even villains wear masks! You should, too.” 

Obviously none of the characters wore masks in their original films. So how is this brain cell killing video supposed to convince anyone?

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And now the CDC has this monstrosity on their Facebook page. Couldn’t they, of all people, find actual facts and statistics that would encourage people to wear a mask instead of resorting to fiction?

And all this stupidity is for the prevention of a sickness no worse than the flu. Even the “high-risk” category has proven capable of beating the virus.

The entertainment industry is desperate to persuade America’s population to wear masks, and they’re not afraid to make themselves look foolish if it helps achieve their objective. Maybe that’s their tactic. They’ll overwhelm the population with idiotic videos so that Americans will wear masks to get them to stop!