Most 'Sinful' and 'Saintly' U.S. Cities Revealed

Nick Kangadis | February 10, 2016

(Image: Alex Brandon/AP File)

If you’re looking for a good time, depending on your definition, don’t go to Utah.

Just kidding.

Real estate website Trulia just released their list of “the most sinful and saintly cities in America," and apparently, the top two “saintly” cities in the U.S. both belong to the state of Utah. Provo and Ogden are supposedly the two cities in America with the least amount of vices. The top five most saintly cities are rounded out by Fort Collins, Colo., Tuscaloosa, Ala., and Raleigh, N.C.

The two most “sinful” cities should not really be a surprise to anyone: New Orleans and Atlantic City. The top two most sinful cities are followed by Philadelphia, Tampa, and Toledo. 

The list includes 150 large U.S. cities, and encompasses all seven of the deadly sins: Vanity (get over yourself), envy (get over me), sloth (get off the couch), wrath (quit being a hoodlum), lust (oh no, too sexy!), gluttony (put the fork down), and greed (is good).

You’d never guess it, but Billings, Mont., is the greediest city in the U.S. by a long shot. Apparently, Billings “offers more than 54 times the national average number of casinos per household.”

Any way you slice it, every city has its good and bad…unless you’re in Utah of course.