MoveOn Formed Over Clinton/Lewinsky, Now They’re Stuck On Kavanaugh

Eric Scheiner | September 20, 2018
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For a progressive organization, doesn’t seem to have progressed much.

The group started in 1998, when then-President Bill Clinton was caught up in the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal, when the group began circulating an email petition urging Congress to “censure President Clinton and move on.” In other words, forget the impeachment and the country can focus on other things.

Move on past the Lewinsky-Tripp evidence of tapes, and the stained dress, and actual grand jury testimony given by Lewinsky, basically move on from the issue of a young woman being taken advantage of sexually by a sitting president in the White House.

Now, MoveOn has released a new video on social media. They don’t want to move on any more. A collection of Hollywood actresses and others say they want to prevent Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh from being confirmed. They tell viewers that it should be prevented because they believe the accusations of professor Christine Blasey Ford.

Even though Ford has produced no evidence, refuses to testify (so far) to lawmakers, and those she claims witnessed her alleged assault deny it ever happened, the MoveOn video claims Kavanaugh “should not be confirmed.”

(NOTE: Since the time article was published, Blasey Ford has made moves to appear before lawmakers.)

The end of the video is “Signed, your sisters.” I wish I could show you the “sisters” support video MoveOn made for Monica Lewinsky – but there isn’t one. It’s clear their support and belief only lies in promoting the same old liberal politics – and it hasn’t progressed at all.