MRC's Bozell: Big Tech ‘Own The White House’ – State Solutions Needed To Fight Censorship

Eric Scheiner | March 23, 2021
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Media Research Center President Brent Bozell praised states taking action in fighting Big Tech censorship in the United States on Monday, claiming the federal government won’t be moving on the issue anytime soon.

“Nothing is going to happen in the next two to four years - in the next four years at least, on a national level, against these companies. The Biden administration is chock full of employees, former employees from these companies that are now working for the Biden administration, these companies pour hundreds of millions of dollars into the process,” Bozell said.

“They bought Washington. Guess what? I'm looking at a city that's for sale - the highest bidder gets it. And big social media got it. So they own this Congress. They own the White House. Nothing's going to happen until there really is an effort made by serious men and women to stop what is the greatest threat to freedom, I believe, in this nation’s history.”

Bozell made the comments during a Heartland Institute webinar titled, ‘Going Toe-to-Toe Against Big Tech Titans: How States Can Protect Freedom of Speech’

During the event, Bozell highlighted action being taken by states to battle Big Tech.

“There are now 18 different states that are pursuing antitrust legislation - that are saying, quite simply, these companies are too powerful. You can't compete against Amazon, you can't compete against Twitter, you can't compete against Facebook, you can't compete against YouTube,” Bozell said.

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Another avenue is state policy proposals aiming to temper Big Tech’s influence and censorship of conservative viewpoints.

“That may be the most exciting of them all, because you've got 50 states and more and more of these states are coming forward with their own solutions to this at the state level, not waiting for Washington, D.C.”

Watch the video of the complete webinar below.

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