MRCTV On The Street: How Patriotic Are You Feeling This Independence Day?

Gabriel Hays | July 2, 2021

Is the average American still patriotic this Independence Day? That’s what MRCTV wanted to find out this year as the 4th of July weekend approached. 

If you’ve been paying any attention to the news or politics on social media lately, you’ve probably picked up on at least some of the anti-American rhetoric they’ve been selling. It almost feels as though being patriotic, respecting the flag, and standing for the National Anthem are bad things.

Well, yeah. It’s by design. The left’s war on traditional America and its founding principles seemed to really gain traction a year ago, after the death of George Floyd. Anti-racism and “defund the police” become one of the mainstream media’s main narratives, and part and parcel of that was an attack on the very fabric of American society itself. Critical race theory perpetuated the idea that America – as the founders intended – is inseparable from slavery and oppression of minorities and that means the America we celebrate each 4th of July needs to be completely changed in order for us to achieve anti-racism.

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In the year since, we’ve seen this critical race theory be introduced in public school curriculums  we’ve seen small businesses be destroyed by anti-American/BLM rioters, and we’ve seen celebrities and professional athletes and their cheerleaders in the media question and spurn the message behind of the stars and stripes. So it is a good question: With all the brainwashing going on, how patriotic are you feeling this Independence Day?