MRCTV's Eric Scheiner Doles Out The Deal On Universal Income Proposal

Eric Scheiner | July 18, 2018

MRCTV’s Eric Scheiner discussed a series of recent MRCTV stories during an appearance on OAN’s The Daily Ledger Tuesday.

Chicago’s leaders are considering a universal basic income measure that would test market giving certain residents $500 per month.

The money would come with “no strings attached” because the people would know better how to spend the funds than the government. Unless, of course, the people didn’t want to give their money to the lawmakers who want to spend it on this program.

Planned Parenthood NYC is promoting their “Freedom To F***” campaign. Delivering the message to citizens to “F*** New York, and everyone in it.”  Certainly a good method to ensure women keep the Planned Parenthood abortion mill running.

At least 21 newspapers published identical anti-Brett Kavanaugh letters over a four-day period, each signed by a different person, before the coordinated agenda was uncovered. 

Now several papers are reviewing their policy in regards to authorship of letters to the editor after being fooled.

Check out the clip: