CRAZY! Media Blames MAGA for Sucker-Punching Trend In NYC: MRCTV’s Scheiner On OANN’s ‘In-Focus’

mrctvstaff | April 10, 2024
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The leftist website Salon has published a piece claiming the violent sucker-punching in NYC is connected to male fury  “unleashed by Donald Trump and the MAGA movement.”

Don’t expect any factual connection – just leftist fantasy theory from the author of the book (deep breath) “Trolls: How The Right Became Trump-Worshipping Monsters Set On Rat-F**king Liberals, America and the Truth Itself”. Surely this person wouldn’t have a political ax to grind.

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Joe Rogan is betting that Gavin Newsom will replace Joe Biden in the presidential race – what are the odds?

MRCTV’s Eric Scheiner discusses these topics and more in the video above.

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