Levin Reads ‘Excellent’ 8th Amendment Article by CNSNews on Air

mrctvstaff | February 22, 2024
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On Wednesday, nationally-syndicated radio Host Mark Levin praised, and quoted verbatim, an article by MRCTV’s CNSNews Managing Editor Craig Bannister, regarding President Donald Trump’s standing to raise an 8th Amendment challenge to the malicious $370 million fine imposed by a hostile New York judge.

“Most people don’t even read the 8th Amendment. But, this is what I do and, when I ask my friends, this is what they do: Craig Bannister, over at CNSNews, he got it right,” Levin said in the opening segment of his show.

Levin, then, read directly from Bannister’s article:

“‘President Trump has an 8th amendment challenge to the unconstitutional fines levied against him by a rogue judge,’ Constitutional Scholar Mark Levin noted Tuesday, commenting on the extraordinary $370 million fine (including interest) imposed by a New York judge.

“Later that day, former President Trump posted the text of the 8th Amendment on TruthSocial.com platform, later linking to the same article linked by Levin in his comment posted on X (formerly Twitter).”

“The text of the 8th Amendment – this aspect is quite simple,” Levin said, quoting the amendment:

“Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”

Levin, a constitutional scholar, went on to provide the history of the 8th Amendment, explaining that it was created to prevent the type of legal theft and political persecution practiced by royals in Britain.

“Let me continue with this excellent piece from CNS News and Craig Bannister,” Levin says, again quoting the CNSNews article:

“In ‘Stalinist $370M judgment against Trump should be vacated immediately,’ writes my friend Arthur Fergenson. And he points out, does Fergenson:

“‘Professor Jonathan Turley called the $370 million judgment confiscatory, extreme and abusive. Professor Steven Calabresi termed it a travesty and an unjust political act. The subhead for his online commentary employed the term ‘Stalinist.’”

“A term I use often,” Levin says, noting that “Both law professors are right” and continuing to quote Fergenson from the article:

“Because the judgment does not relate to any loss, the $370 million is not, properly understood, violative of the prohibition against grossly excessive punitive damages. It does fall, however, directly within the excessive fines clause of the Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution.”

Earlier on Wednesday, Levin linked to the CNSNews article in a post on X.com (formerly, Twitter), in which he stressed the importance of the 8th Amendment in the fight against “New York’s attempt to legalize the stealing of President Trump’s property.”


Read the full CNSNews article here.