MSNBC: Iowa Turnout Low Because ‘White Children Are Not In The Cages’

Eric Scheiner | February 4, 2020
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There are a lot of problems with the Democratic caucus in Iowa. One of them is low voter turnout for Democrats. Thankfully, MSNBC’s commentators have figured out why, and of course, it’s all about race.

On Tuesday, MSNBC commentator Zerlina Maxwell informed viewers that because the majority of Iowa voters are white, they don’t feel an urgency to vote, because their kids are not in cages.

“The Iowa caucus is essentially the perfect example of systemic racism,” Maxwell said. “Ninety one percent of the voters in Iowa are white. The reason why you see a drop in turnout, I'm just speculating here, it could be perhaps that white children are not in the cages. “

“So when you're talking about the tangible pain that black and brown people are feeling, they feel a sense of urgency because their kids are being put in cages.”