MSNBC Panelist: GOP Members Would Let Trump 'Dissolve Their Own Grandparents'

Patrick Hauf | August 16, 2018
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MSNBC contributor and national affairs analyst John Heinemann expressed his distain for Republicans during a panel discussion on GOP loyalty to the president Thursday morning. He claimed that President Trump supporters would let him "do whatever he wants" — even “dissolve their own grandparents.”

“I would like a pollster to ask this question: How many people in the Republican Party think it would be ok for Donald Trump to dissolve their own grandparents?” Heilemann asked the panel.

“I’m virtually certain if it was a Donald Trump-related question you’d get like 10 percent that would be like ‘Donald Trump has the power to do whatever he wants—like kill my grandparents,'” he asserted.

When his fellow panel members reacted with shock, Heilemann went on the defense.

“Don’t look so appalled,” he said, before doubling down on his perception of Trump supporters. “They just hear the question as ‘the media is trying to test my loyalty of Donald Trump’ and if it’s a question of if Trump has the authority to do anything, they will say yes no matter what that things is … That’s where I was trying to get to — although for it to be a little closer to home — to make it their own parents or grandparents.”

“Boy this show got dark,” one panelist said as the segment came to an end.

Dark indeed. But the smear was aimed at Trump supporters, so no big deal, right?