MSNBC's Joy Reid Lands Extra Gig Teaching At University

P. Gardner Goldsmith | December 10, 2020
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If only this were a joke...

A jest, in an imaginary world where the dominant culture in “higher education” weren’t left-wing, collectivist, race-baiting, political aggression.  

Alas, it’s not a joke, and leftism has been the dominant culture in the “ivory tower” for generations.

So we can take it seriously when CampusReform reports that MSNBC chatterbox Joy Reid has scored a gig to add to her daily broadcast of drivel. Now, she can propagandize people in class, face-to-face, as a “teacher.”

Benjamin Zeisloft writes for CampusReform:

MSNBC host Joy Reid will join Howard University in Washington, D.C. as a visiting professor and teach a class called ‘Covering Race, Gender & Politics in the Digital Age.’

What a thrill... Who wouldn’t welcome a semester of Joy Reid at Howard University, laying down the race-gender-political “reality” of the news? After all, news isn’t just news, it requires political spin, depending on whether it can be used to drive a racial, or gender-based agenda.

Writes Zeisloft:

Reid’s class will ‘introduce students to concepts of political media coverage, focused on issues of race and gender, and discuss how those topics land in today’s increasingly ideologically siloed, digitally influenced newsroom.’

It seems like Howard University doesn’t recognize the two-faced irony of creating an “ideologically siloed” class to discuss the problem of “ideologically siloed” newsrooms. But double-standards never seem to bother leftist university idologues, and now, leftist “news” ideologue Joy Reid can join them.

Perfect fit.

One wonders whether portions of Ms. Reid’s salary will be paid via the $4.36 million that Howard recently announced getting from the federal (i.e. from us taxpayers) “CARES” Act, otherwise known as the “Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security” Act -- not a dime of which is sanctioned by any enumerated constitutional “power.”

One wonders whether the Howard University administrators want to connect with Reid and her faux “journalism” after Howard already had to handle a massive 2018 scandal tied to legal irregularities in how it handled federal financial aid.

And one wonders how Howard’s enlightened team of “ideologically siloed” administrators can straight-facedly hire this woman to spread her views to tax-subsidized students after, as Zeisloft notes:

In 2018, the New York Post reported that Reid had published blog posts that contained remarks most characterized as being offensive to the LGBT community. 

At the time, Reid blamed the comments on hackers.

CNN later published an article titled ‘Why MSNBC host Joy Reid's hacking claims don't add up,’ which cast doubt on her hacking claims. Eventually, according to CNN, Reid apologized for making past comments that were considered homophobic but refused to take responsibility for the comments made on her blog.

And one wonders how Howard can hire this woman after, as Alex Christy reported in July for MRCTV, Reid compared the GOP to the supporters of Apartheid in South Africa.

After, as Brad Wilmouth reported in April for MRCTV, Reid implied that Trump supporters were turning COVID19 into a “racial ethnic crisis.”

And after, as Brad Wilmouth reported in July for MRCTV, Reid likened to segregationists ”those people who supported Trump’s Coronavirus response."

And after, as Mark Finkelstein reported in February for MRCTV, Reid implied that then-Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg’s use of the term “heartland” of America was a “dog whistle” to whites.

This is the woman that Howard University (phone numbers for which can be found by following this link) just hired to teach students about how to handle the “ideologically siloed” world of partisan journalism that, evidently, she knows so very, very well.

Is it any wonder why the left dominates journalism, and has done so for generations?

In a world where universities that train aspiring journalists are, on the whole, dominated by leftist ideology, where universities can USE tax-funded collectivism to PUSH collectivism on students by paying propagandists like Reid, the cycle is almost self-perpetuating. Tax-fed collectivist schools train the collectivist “reporters,” who then can be paid to train the next generation of “journalists” in the fine art of leftist propaganda.

If only this situation WERE imaginary, just a manifestation of some fictional world, journalism would be a lot better off -- and so would the future of our natural rights.