MTV Awards Give Standing-O to 'Fighter' Maxine Waters

P. Gardner Goldsmith | May 8, 2017
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Remember the days of yore? The ancient, primordial days just after hominids learned the trick to making fire, the art of multicolored cave graffiti, and the skill of using clubs to prepare the popular one-course, microwave meal?

Those were the days when we cave people would sit around the fire and watch a breathtaking new development in entertainment called MTV. MTV, which once stood for a strange phenomenon called “MUSIC Television” was a possibly mythical cable network devoted to playing -- get this -- music videos, by mostly new, breakthrough musicians who challenged the old system, and it helped add a lot of spice to what at that point was a music industry that had grown very tired and stale (unless hearing Debbie Boone and The Eagles 8,000 times per day is one's idea of new and cutting edge).

Today, MTV doesn’t play music videos and yet its Godly Powers That Be still give out what it calls “music” awards each year, and it still poses as a rebellious “challenger to the system” by broadcasting thoughtless, leftist-filled “Rock The Vote” productions starring such “rebels” as the insufferable, truth-challenged, Lena Dunham.

Evidently dissatisfied with its own trail of embarrassing intellectual jetsom, MTV has added to its “music” awards by creating an “MTV Movie and Television Awards” farce, and last night, on May 7th, the “rebels” just outdid themselves by inviting California Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters to present, get this, the “Fight The Power” award.

One wonders what Chuck D, Flavor Flav, and Professor Griff think about that.



Introduced by actress Tracee Ellis Ross, this great opponent to “The Power” -- who just so happens to claim “The Power” to, oh, vote herself pay increases, control peoples’ businesses, force folks to pay for other peoples’ wants, control the internet, television, and radio industries, control imports and exports, borrow money on the backs of people not yet born, and involve the US in military conflicts contrary to ethics and the US Constitution – strolled onto the stage to the accompaniment of a standing ovation.

Seriously, Maxine Waters got a standing-o. One has to wonder just how the audience justified such a welcome, and how the MTV Movie and Television Awards organizers justified inviting this politician in the first place.

This is a woman who has been in “power” since 1991, almost as long as MTV has been on the air. This is a politician who swore an oath to their vaunted US Constitution, which supposedly limits the powers of the federal government, yet she has voted for or sponsored bills such as:


So how the Powers That Be at MTV should think it at all justified to invite Maxine to present this estimable award is anyone’s guess, but, clearly, it has little to do with principle or consistency, and much more to do with transient, ephemeral image manipulation of the moment.

Now that Mr. Trump is in the Oval Office, it is okay to “Fight The Power” once more, and organize to replace his power with another power, controlled by Dems.

If Ms. Waters wants to know the face of one of the hypocritical, one of “The Powerful”, she can look in the mirror, and, next year, if MTV wants to celebrate a politician who actually did try to fight power, they can call Ron Paul to the stage.

Don't expect either to happen. Ever.

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