My Son Hunter Movie - 'Not A True Story, Except For All The Facts'

Craig Bannister | September 7, 2022
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“This is not a true story, except for all the facts,” announces the opening line of the new film, “My Son Hunter,” giving viewers a taste of what’s to come in this wicked satire of President Joe Biden’s son.

“My Son Hunter,” produced by Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney, and directed by Robert Davi (“Licensed to Kill,” “Die Hard”), marks Breitbart’s first foray into film distribution. It will be released for download and streaming on Wednesday, September 7.

Employing cartoon thought-bubbles, “Fact Check” graphics, and actors breaking character to address the camera with commentary, the film parodies and chronicles the scandals surrounding Hunter Biden, ranging from his infamous laptop and drug use to his lurid partying and sex with strippers.

“Don’t judge me. I’m doing this to pay off my college debt,” “Kitty,” a stripper destined to hook up with Hunter, tells viewers.

“My Son Hunter” also mocks liberal media and their attempts to suppress news unflattering to the Biden household and liberal narratives, in general. When Grace (aka, “Kitty”), participates in a Black Lives Matter riot and wants to post video on social media, her friend tells her she can’t, because “It’ll make the protests look bad” and “It’s bad optics.”

“Look, most people are too ignorant to understand complex moral issues. You have to withhold some things for their own good – which is truth over facts,” her fellow activist explains.

In one scene, a television news report describes the riots as “mostly peaceful” as a fire blazes in the background. In others, Hunter and his dad gloat about their confidence that the media will say anything in order to protect them and Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign.

The film centers on Hunter’s evening spent with Stripper Kitty, as he indulges in drugs and sex while attempting to justify his behavior in various scandals, such as his outrageous laptop photos and lucrative influence-peddling cashing in on his father’s political clout.

Hunter has occasional encounters with his dad, in which Candidate Joe rebukes his son for his “shenanigans,” which are endangering the presidential campaign. Here, the film doesn’t miss the opportunity to poke fun at the elder Biden’s laughable catchphrases, olfactory oddities and eccentricities.

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Though wild, fast-paced and irreverently funny at the start, the film eventually settles down into a more serious tone, as Hunter confesses his sins to Stripper Kitty, detailing the timeline of his misdeeds.

Hyper-sexualized imagery, drug use, and graphic language are featured throughout the film, in order to satirize Hunter’s decadent lifestyle.

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