National School Boards Assoc Recants Claim That Concerned Parents Are 'Terrorist Threats'

P. Gardner Goldsmith | October 24, 2021
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Early this month, I was able to write about the left-dominated gaggle of tax-fed “school board” members in the National School Boards Association (NSBA) sending a “letter” to Biden's U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland signaling their groundless “fear” of parents who attend school board meetings.

That “letter” seemed like part of a prefabricated narrative to give Garland and the Bidenistas cover to sic the FBI on parents who might not like their tax money used by local schools to propagandize kids -  propaganda including Cultural Marxism, its offshoot, Critical Race Theory, and many other forms of ideological conformity.

Mere days after “receiving” the letter, Garland announced that he was going to take action against these evil parents, but he didn’t mention that his son-in-law is part of a corporation that makes money off pushing CRT in schools.

And now, mere weeks after Garland pulled the “legalistic trigger” that sets in motion federal intimidation of parents and other taxpayers, and uses taxes to DO it, the NSBA has stepped back from its absurd “letter.”

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Veronika Kyrylenko writes for The New American:

The National School Boards Association board of directors issued an apology for the letter sent to President Biden in which it called on the administration to treat “angry mobs” of parents opposing Critical Race Theory, masking, and LGBTQ-related issues as ‘domestic terrorists.’ The Department of Justice, however, continues to defend its subsequent memo that tasked the FBI to address the issue.

See, now that the cover has been thrown for Garland – now that he’s set the leviathan of the U.S. government into motion to chase concerned parents, claiming that local disagreements over school content must, somehow, be FEDERAL issues – now, the NSBA can back off and use patty-cake, touchy-feely language to distance itself from its own avaricious mendacity.

The message added that ‘we deeply value not only the work of local school boards that make important contributions within our communities, but also the voices of parents, who should and must continue to be heard when it comes to decisions about their children’s education, health, and safety.’

Which is a far, far cry from the original, very specific, very alarmist message formed and agreed on by the NSBA. As Kyrylenko notes:

NSBA requested that the administration employ ‘appropriate enforceable actions against these crimes and acts of violence under the Gun-Free School Zones Act, the PATRIOT Act in regard to domestic terrorism, the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, the Violent Interference with Federally Protected Rights statute, the Conspiracy Against Rights statute.’

Keepers of the Constitutional flame might notice that only the last two of those listed statutes have any connection to the U.S. Constitution.

NSBA specifically asked the president to mobilize such federal bodies against the parents as the U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Secret Service, and its National Threat Assessment Center.

But many members of local school boards soon claimed that they had no idea that the NSBA was pushing. Kyrylenko observes that 21 school boards publicly announced their disconnection from the letter. And now, the association is backing off.

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How convenient. It’s a lot like a biased news agency releasing an inflammatory, untrue report on the first page, in bold letters, then issuing an apology weeks later, in tiny print, in the Obits section.

The harm has only just begun. Unless AG Garland steps back from pressing the feds on local parents – and unless local taxpayers recognize that there are nothing but ethical and pedagogical problems arising from forcing people to pay for any level of education – the problem of politicized schooling and the political power-wielders threatening dissidents will continue.

After all, as Kyrylenko notes:

The association further called on Biden to issue an executive order to enforce all applicable federal laws that would allow for the persecution of the ‘extremist’ parents.

And we all know that if you don’t agree with the people who wield the government cudgel, you – not the government – are an aggressive extremist. It's gaslighting, 101.