N.C. Legislators Override Governor’s Veto of Bill Protecting Women’s Sports

Ken Meekins | August 18, 2023
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Republican legislators in North Carolina stood up for women, children and parental rights Wednesday, voting to override vetoes of a range of bills.

On Wednesday Republicans in the state legislature voted to override Democrat Governor Roy Cooper’s veto of the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, which bans men who think they are “transgender women” from competing in women's sports, Fox News reported.

The bill goes into effect immediately and bans biological males from participating in female sports in middle school, high school and college sports.

The conservative legislature also overrode vetoes of other bills that protect children from transgender surgeries and protect parents’ right to know if their child is questioning their gender identity.

According to Fox News, these bills included HB 808, which prevents doctors from providing hormone therapy, puberty-blocking drugs or gender-transition procedures to any minor and SB 49, also known as the “Parents Bill of Rights,” which requires teachers to inform parents if their child starts use a different pronoun in class.

Governor Cooper expressed his sadness on X (formally, Twitter) that kids can’t trans themselves or men can’t compete against, and use their biological advantages to beat, women in female sports leagues.

Cooper lashed out in frustration by resorting to a range of fanciful, fear-mongering accusations:

"The legislature finally comes back to pass legislation that discriminates, makes housing less safe, blocks FEMA disaster recovery funding, hurts the freedom to vote and damages our economy.”

Concerned Women For America’s Legislative Action Committee president and CEO Penny Nance celebrated the passing of the legislation in a press release explaining how the new laws protect women and children:

“It’s refreshing to see North Carolina state legislators take action and go the extra mile to overturn a governor’s veto when the lives and future of children are at stake. State action is critically important to keep men out of women’s locker rooms, from stealing the trophies and scholarships of female athletes as well as preventing children from harmful mutilating surgeries and drugs. Americans are finally waking up to the harmful effects of the radical gender ideology and that we all must work together to keep our children safe.”


North Carolina has now become the 22nd state to ban minors from receiving irreversible gender transition treatments and surgeries, according to Fox News