NC Pastor Rips School Board For Funding DEI Office, Not Teaching Students

John Simmons | October 21, 2022
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A common selling point for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) measures is that should they be implemented in any institution, they will directly benefit black children. However, one black pastor in North Carolina exposed his local school district for focusing too much on DEI policies and not actually educating the children it claims to benefit.

John Amanchukwu, an acclaimed speaker, author, and pastor spoke to the Wake County school board at a meeting, where for three minutes he lambasted the school board for spending literally millions in taxpayer dollars on DEI measures instead of making sure that schools are being used to train children in academics (a radical concept in 2022, I know). 

Quoting Luke 17:2, he said that the board members would be harshly judged for implementing policies that he said were training children to be “the next pervert” (talk about coming out swinging!) 

Next, he provided a shocking set of statistics that showed just how poorly the Wake County school district is doing at setting up black children for academic success, stating that 78 percent of 3-8th graders are not performing at grade level in math and 66 percent in reading.

Amanchukwu said that the families of these students should be able to choose what school they should go to instead of being forced to attend ones that apparently can't educate children well.

“In the Jim Crow era, Black students were locked out of the public school system,” he said. “Today, they are trapped in.”

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The intensity and courage in Amanchukwu's speech rivals that of the one delivered by Brittany Mayer, a mom in San Diego who eviscerated her local school board for pushing the LGBT agenda. If America is to see change in our public school systems, one of the many things we need is voices like these two, who will unashamedly expose the wickedness that is now standard in the education system.

The video of Amunchukwu’s speech is below and is well worth the three-minute watch.