NEA Creates Web-Linked Faculty Badges Directing Kids to Pro-LGBTQ Site

P. Gardner Goldsmith | September 26, 2022
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The giant public-sector albatross of the National Education Association (NEA) has created for its members QR-code-loaded lanyards and badges that underage students and other teachers can scan to be linked – without parental approval – to an NEA website celebrating LGBTQ agendas, gay sex, and various forms of sodomy and subversive, perverse sexual activities.

And your tax cash, taken from you to fund NEA-member teachers at your local level, likely contributed to this latest unsettling undercut of parental awareness and parental control over child-rearing.

The move is credited to the NEA “LGBTQ+ Caucus” and came to greater nationwide scrutiny thanks to the September 21 tweets of CityJournal and Manhattan Institute writer/researcher Christopher Rufo, who began with screenshots of the badge and the website’s main page, along with his own words:

“According to local news reporting, the National Education Association and its local affiliate in Hilliard, Ohio, have been providing staff in the Hilliard City School District with the QR code-enabled badges, which point to the ‘NEA LGBTQ+ Caucus’ website.

Again, one must stress that said badges and QR codes are potential connections that students can see and scan, circumventing parental supervision and bringing underage prisoners of the government school system to this website.

Now, take a look at what Rufo found when he began to explore the union “LGBTQ+ Caucus” site. Rufo next tweeted what many parents and other taxpayers might consider to be controversial NEA-funded (i.e. tax-subsidized) content:

“One of the resources is Teen Health Source’s guide to ‘Queering Sexual Education,’ which promises to ‘empower youth’ and features a manual on ‘Sex Acts That Don't Get Enough Play’.

And, of course, we can recall that this is a site for teachers, accessible to students who scan the code off the badge, suggesting content for sex-ed pedagogy, and claiming it “empowers” children.

And it gets worse, as Rufo revealed in his next tweet and screenshots (please be forewarned about the references):

“The guidebook instructs the readers on how to create ‘safe word[s]’ for ‘bondage’ and how to ‘use your tongue or mouth to stimulate bumhole area’ during ‘rimming.’”

Delightfully classy, and totally appropriate for teachers who are interested in “Queering Sexual Education” to “empower” kids – and for kids who, again, can use their phones, scan their teacher’s badge, and explore the site without ever having searched for it or previously heard of it.

And. Yes, it gets worse. Rufo’s next tweet reveals even more explicit, unorthodox, inappropriate content on the NEA site (be warned, and remember, this is accessible to kids via the badge the teacher might wear):

“Next, the guidebook instructs readers on ‘giving and/or receiving pain and humiliation for pleasure’ and on ‘putting a fist or whole hand into a person's vagina or bum.’”

I’ll stop there, but Rufo did the extra work that I did, as well, to confirm that, as he notes in his next tweet:

“The NEA is the largest teachers union in the country, representing more than 3 million public school teachers in all 14,000 local school districts. And they're actively promoting resources for ‘putting a fist or whole hand into a person's vagina or bum.’ Disgraceful.”

The above data about the NEA can be found at Influence Watch, and there’s more to consider.

As Influence watch notes:

“The NEA is a major political player, with its associated political action committees contributing nearly $143.5 million to federal candidates and committees—97% of which supported Democrats and liberals—from 1990 through February 2019. [4] The NEA is also deeply entangled in state and local politics and is a major contributor to left-of-center nonprofit organizations.[5]

And what might some of those “nonprofit organizations” be?

They include: UnidosUS (formerly the National Council of La Raza), United Federation of Teachers, National Urban League, Congressional Black Caucus Institute, Congressional, Hispanic Caucus Institute, Center for American Progress, Catalist, Progress Now, Media Matters for America, Democracy Alliance, Progressive, Inc., Progressive States Network,

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And, as OpenSecrets reveals, in 2021, the NEA spent over $2.7 million lobbying politicians in Washington, DC, alone.

Then there’s this, uncovered by InfluenceWatch:

"In 2021, a report card of various educational contractors and consultants was released by Parents Defending Education (PDE). The report listed consultants and organizations that work with schools and encourage them to implement Critical Race Theory and diversity, equity, and inclusion curriculums and policies. The report named the NEA as an organization supporting Critical Race Theory, and discussed the NEA’s decision in 2021 to allocate funds for the purpose of investigating parent groups and policy makers that opposed teaching Critical Race Theory in public schools. The report cited the NEA’s spending approvals for 2021 which included roughly $7.5 million for training union members to advocate for “racial and social justice” in the classroom, and “$32.9 million to elect union-friendly candidates, engage members ahead of the 2022 midterms, and ‘develop and utilize strategic research to shape debate in states about education funding, taxes, and revenue.’” [40]

This amount doesn’t even include the millions it hands to local and state lobbyists to effect legislation and budgets. And, just for our mutual edification, InfluenceWatch offers this:

“NEA is predominantly funded by member dues and “agency fees” paid by teachers obligated to be represented by the union in non-right-to-work states. [55] At least in previous years, NEA has received in (sic) more in dues than the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).[56]

As of 2016, NEA reported total assets of over $363 million, income of roughly $388 million, and expenditures of $362 million. Nearly $363 million of the NEA’s income come from membership dues; the rest of the union’s income is from loan repayments, interest, dividends, rents, reinvestment, and more.[57]

Some Americans might argue that this is just part of the American system. But that is erroneous. The NEA began in 1857, as the National Teachers Association, and with many members backing collectivist ideology and the Fabian Society strategy of long-term work to increase the size and power of government over individuals and parental choice, by 1867 the group succeeded in a major lobbying campaign and, as InfluenceWatch writes, it got:

“Congress to create the first Department of Education,[11] which was almost solely devoted to collecting information to help states create public school systems.[12]

Prior to that change, public, i.e. government-tax-funded and government-controlled, education was rare in the U.S., and literacy rates were high. For further details about this and about the rise of the NEA as an organization that uses taxpayer funds to directly attack taxpayer sovereignty and propagandize kids further into accepting the fallacy of government “education”, I suggest reading Dr. Samuel Blumenfeld’s remarkable 1984 analysis of the organization, “NEA: Trojan Horse of American Education,” a highly-detailed, reference-filled book that was edited by my father, Paul, under a pseudonym when he worked for Ronald Reagan to try to dismantle the immoral, unconstitutional U.S. Department of Education.

And for more about the current controversy, Rufo has a piece that makes compelling reading.

Many taxpayers likely would agree that, whether the content promotes an LGBTQ agenda or a “hetero-normative” agenda, sexual subjects are not appropriate for children in public schools.

Conversely, some taxpayers might actually approve of this kind of tactic on the part of teachers.

The problem is that everyone is forced to pay.

So it’s not just a matter of the NEA supporting what some might view as connecting kids with inappropriate content and immorality. The immorality has a source: the forced expropriation of tax cash from people.

From there, all the other problems and arguments and the ever-lower lowering of standards follow.

And until people recognize the immoral source of the problem, all the changes they make to public schools will be but temporary fixes, bandages on a rotten system that needs amputation.

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