Nebraska Gov. Ricketts Highlights Horrors of Communism, Declares July Victims of Communism Month

Libby | July 7, 2021

Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts highlighted the human rights atrocities that communism has historically led to and declared July to be victims of communism month in remembrance.

The Republican governor called out the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in an interview with Fox News on the heels of the CCP centenary last week.

“The Chinese Communist Party is recognizing their 100th anniversary, and they are going to talk about all the things the Chinese Communist Party has done in a very positive light,” Ricketts said.

The importance of his message also grows with the fact that the legacy media affirmed the CCP’s positive commemoration of their 100th anniversary rather than remembering the millions of lives lost.

The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation estimates that over 100 million have been killed under communist regimes.

Noting this horror, Ricketts said, “…it’s also important to remember that whenever communism has been implemented across this world, what he have seen is a lot of human suffering.”

Ricketts suggested putting pressure on the CCP “to play by international norms and to treat their people with respect” given they are still committing human rights violations.

“The Chinese Communist Party we can see till this day continues to oppress people like the Uighurs,” he noted.

China has also been criticized for exerting power over Taiwan and Hong Kong, both of whom hope to eventually have freedom from Beijing.

To combat the positive framing of the CCP by the legacy media, Ricketts suggested learning about the Soviet Union, CCP regime histories and the atrocities committed under them.

“For those on the left who don’t think communism’s a bad thing, go look at history,” he said.