Netflix Hit Series Actress Is 'Gender Fluid'

ashley.rae | June 17, 2015
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A star of the hit Netflix original series “Orange Is The New Black” spoke to ELLE Magazine about the topic of “gender fluidity” and how her gender can change daily.

Ruby Rose, and her character Stella Carlin, both identify as being “gender fluid.” According to Rose, “Gender fluidity is not really feeling like you're at one end of the spectrum or the other."

She continues,

"For the most part, I definitely don't identify as any gender. I'm not a guy; I don't really feel like a woman, but obviously I was born one. So, I'm somewhere in the middle, which – in my perfect imagination – is like having the best of both sexes. I have a lot of characteristics that would normally be present in a guy and then less that would be present in a woman. But then sometimes I'll put on a skirt – like today."

Asked if her gender is a “choice that can be made daily,” Rose responded, “Exactly.”

Rose once starred in a short film on the topic of gender fluidity, which features Rose cutting her hair, binding her chest, and wearing a phallic prosthetic.

Rose and her fiancée, clothing designer Phoebe Dahl, are set to launch a clothing line aiming to be a “gender neutral, gender fluid brand.”

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