New Ministry of Truth? Harris to Head ‘Online Harassment,’ ‘Radicalization’ Task Force

Patrick Taylor | June 16, 2022
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With the collapse of the infamous Disinformation Governance Board – colloquially known as the “Ministry of Truth” – at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in May, the Biden administration is taking yet another shot at controlling online discourse. This time, the effort will be led by embattled Vice President Kamala Harris.

The Biden administration has alleged that the purpose of the task force is to prevent real-life violence, including mass shootings. Yet, the mission of the task force seems considerably more broad.

Reuters reported that the task force “will be tasked with producing within six months a blueprint detailing actions to address the problem, including more support for victims, prevention and greater accountability for aggressors and platforms hosting them.”

“It's imperative that we commit to better understanding and addressing the nexus between online misogyny and radicalization to violence,” a senior official in the Biden administration said.

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This isn’t the first time that Biden’s bureaucrats have described a broad online power grab in humanitarian terms. When DHS began rolling out the original Disinformation Governance Board, they touted it as a way to crack down on cartels and human traffickers.

The full scope of the board’s mission wouldn’t be revealed until a whistleblower suggested that the board would also focus on “theories about the validity of elections, the origins and effects of COVID-19 vaccines, and the efficacy of wearing masks.”

Though it’s unclear exactly what actions the new task force will be taking to reduce “harassment,” “radicalization” and “misogyny,” it’s hard to imagine that Big Tech censorship won’t be part of the plan. And even though censorship czar Nina Jankowicz isn’t helming the group anymore, this appears to be another case of “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”


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