New Quinnipiac Poll Has Trump Leading All Democratic Candidates In Wisconsin

Brittany M. Hughes | February 21, 2020
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A new Quinnipiac poll monitoring potential voter results in swing states has President Trump up in Wisconsin by a minimum of 7 points over any of the current Democratic candidates, including Democratic field leader Sen. Bernie Sanders. 

From Quinnipiac:

"Among registered voters in Wisconsin, President Trump leads the Democratic candidates by between 7 and 11 percentage points in head to head election matchups:"

  • Trump tops Senator Amy Klobuchar 50 - 39 percent;
  • Trump leads Senator Elizabeth Warren 51 - 41 percent;
  • Trump beats former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg 49 - 41 percent;
  • Trump tops former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg 49 - 41 percent;
  • Trump defeats Senator Bernie Sanders 50 - 43 percent;
  • Trump is ahead of former Vice President Joe Biden 49 - 42 percent.

Of course, it's worth noting that Trump surprised pollsters by winning Wisconsin by a slim 0.77 percent in 2016, when most prediction models had put Hillary Clinton as the more likely victor.

In Pennsylvania, though, Quinnipiac's current results are nearly the opposite, with Trump trailing Biden, Klobuchar, and Bloomberg by 6 to 8 points, and drawing nearly even with Sanders, Buttigieg, and Warren.

  • Biden is ahead of Trump 50 - 42 percent;
  • Klobuchar leads Trump 49 - 42 percent;
  • Bloomberg leads Trump 48 - 42 percent;
  • Sanders has 48 percent and Trump gets 44 percent;
  • Buttigieg receives 47 percent and Trump has 43 percent;

In Michigan, the numbers get even closer, with the president trailing all Democratic candidates by the slimmest of margins:

  • Sanders narrowly tops Trump 48 - 43 percent;
  • Bloomberg has a slight lead over Trump 47 - 42 percent;
  • Biden has 47 percent and Trump gets 43 percent;
  • Warren gets 45 percent, while Trump receives 43 percent;
  • Buttigieg gets 45 percent and Trump has 44 percent;
  • Klobuchar receives 45 percent to Trump's 44 percent.

According to Quinnipiac’s analysis, the economy and the strong public approval of how the president has handled it is what’s giving Trump the edge, especially in Wisconsin, where Trump’s job approval rating holds at 50 percent. 

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