Newsom Demands Hollywood Return To CA For Abortions and Tax Cuts

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | August 4, 2022
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Pity the poor Hollywood types. To escape California's tax burden and union work restrictions, they move their productions to unenlightened backwaters like Georgia. They don't like it, but economics demands it. Now here comes California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) trying to guilt them into coming back home.

Newsom demanded that Hollywood boycott states where life is valued. He promised to extend tax credits to productions who “choose freedom” and come to CA for filming. 

The official Gavin Newsom website reported his announcement.

Together with Senator Anthony Portantino (D-La Cañada Flintridge) and the California Film Commission, Governor Gavin Newsom today announced his support for SB 485, which would invest $1.65 billion in the state’s Film & Television Tax Credit Program to extend it for an additional five years, through 2030. This program allocates $330 million per year in tax credits for the industry

In Newsom’s statement Wednesday, he declared that states like Georgia and Oklahoma, where people aren’t able to kill innocent children as easily, are “wag[ing] a cruel assault on essential rights.” (I keep forgetting that there are people who actually think that the slaughter of the unborn is an “essential right.” SMH.)

Newsom explained that states with pro-life laws are purposefully “strip[ping reproductive freedom.” In his statement, he wrote that “they are carrying out these attacks brazenly and with the intent to cause pain in the communities they target — many of whom are essential to the success of your industry.” 

Read that part again. 

Newsom seems to think that the state leaders who do not support abortion are the ones who are “brazenly” attacking the lives of women. In reality, states with pro-life laws aim to SAVE life — both the life of the child and of the woman. Abortion hurts women, and that's why it needs to be abolished. Newsom refuses to believe that. 

The tax credit would help bring more productions back into CA, and therefore more money into the state as well.  #Goals.

This is exactly what Newsom wants. He wants more money and more productions in his state. He also knows there's an attraction there for the lefties who run the industry. Think about it: if a leading lady gets pregnant, she needs time off for her pregnancy, time off post-birth, and potentially time off to actually raise children. All of that takes time and money, halting production and taking a bankable starlet out of circulation. Abortion is a much more expedient and economical option for the woman and Hollywood at large. The studio keeps its star, the star keeps her lifestyle, and Newsom's welfare state keeps eating taxes. Everybody wins.

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It’s ironic that Newsom is harping so hard on the idea of “freedom.” If you recall, in the last few years, he’s pulled kids from schools, he’s forced everyone to suffocate themselves in masks in 100-degree heat (masks that even King of Science Fauci said do little-to-nothing), he’s done nothing about CA’s water shortage, the state's astronomical crime and homelessness rate, or the opioid crisis. How does any of that scream "free," or suggest that California is a good place to live? 

The end of Newsom's statement further clarified how deranged he is.

Extending this program will help ensure California’s world-renowned entertainment industry continues to drive economic growth with good jobs and a diverse, inclusive workforce.

More baby killing = more economic growth. Priorities are very clear with Newsom. 


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