Newsweek: Vegas Shooter Was 'Christian By Birth If Not Belief'

Brittany M. Hughes | October 5, 2017

In a desperate attempt to link Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock to anything right-wing – even if doing so means completely ignoring basic facts and slandering an entire community of faith – Newsweek on Thursday published a shockingly defamatory article claiming Paddock was a “Christian by birth if not belief.”

Penned by author Alexander Nazaryan, the report’s partisan-laden headline alleges, "The far right won't accept Las Vegas killer was a Christian white male."

“And so,” Nazaryan continued, “some on the far right have convinced themselves that Paddock could not be what he seems, what the authorities say he is. They say facts — alternative facts, perhaps — will inevitably reveal the truth, even as mainstream media outlets do everything they can to skewer that reality, so as not to offend the sensibilities of coastal elites.”

Except that the “facts,” as Nazaryan winds up admitting through his own gross ignorance of Christian faith, are that Paddock was not born a Christian. How do we know? Because no one is.

Just a quick note for the theologically challenged: Christians are not born. Christianity is the voluntarily acceptance that Jesus Christ alone is able to save mankind from his sins. It’s not a physical attribute, like having blue eyes or being of Native American ancestry. There’s nothing hereditary about it. The effort to link Paddock to Christianity by sheer virtue that he was a white male shows both a terrifyingly blatant sense of racism as well as a severe misunderstanding of the Christian faith.

What’s more, imagine if this ridiculous accusation had been leveled against another faith, perhaps one that enjoys a more P.C.-protected status among our social justice elites. Imagine, for a moment, if Newsweek had published the following statement: “Having rejected Allah at 15 years old, Achmed was still a Muslim by birth if not belief. So of course he blew up the Walmart.”

Of course, this would never make it past the assistant copy editor’s desk, much less to the printers. Such disdain and defamation is reserved for conservatives who believe in Jesus, who Newsweek feels perfectly comfortable throwing under the proverbial bus regardless of whether a cold-blooded killer shared an semblance of their beliefs.

"The far right won't accept Las Vegas killer was a Christian white male."

Perhaps that’s because he wasn’t.