'Next Question': Rep. Jamie Raskin Dodges Question on Inflation Reduction Act Specifics

Nick Kangadis | August 16, 2022
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It could be said — and this might be a conservative estimate — that at least 90 percent of politicians should NOT be trusted. When you factor in those that have chosen politics as a profession, they are the ones that absolutely should NOT be trusted any further than you could physically throw them.

On Monday, when asked by a reporter what in the Inflation Reduction Act still waiting to be signed by President Joe Biden will actually lower inflation, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) didn’t feel the need to answer such a question.

“What parts of the bill do you think will quickly work on that specifically?” the reporter asked.

“[Stammers] Next question,” Raskin responded.

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However, before the question Raskin had no problem explaining his perception of success the Biden regime has had on the economy.

“I know that those who have been blaming President Biden for the inflation going up are now giving President Biden all the credit for inflation going down,” Raskin said. “So, we’re moving things in the right direction already.”


Okay…couple of questions about Raskin’s comments.

First, did I miss a meeting or a memo? When did inflation begin to decline? And how could Biden be given credit for something that hasn’t happened yet?

Second, if inflation was already going down — before the Inflation Reduction Act is even signed into law — what’s the need for the bill in the first place?

These were peculiar comments by Raskin, compounded by avoiding being specific about what he has already deemed a great success.


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