The Bearded Lady? 'Early Childhood Music Specialist' Sings to Kids About Gender Being a 'Myth'

Nick Kangadis | September 7, 2023
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You know, entities like “the bearded lady” used to be sideshow attractions. Now, they’re teaching your children that “gender’s just pretend.”

Some dude pretending to be a woman, who also uses “they/she” pronouns, was pointed out to the social media world by Libs of TikTok for singing about gender being a myth and that kids can be trans, too.

Oh, by the way, this person lists themself on his Instagram account as an “early childhood music specialist.” This dude goes by “Ry” on his now private Instagram account.

In the video, “Ry” sings about a child asking him whether or not they can change their gender.

“One day a child asked of me, ‘Can a boy become a girl?’” “Ry” sang. “I said, ‘The idea of he and she is just a myth, you see…cause…gender’s just pretend. Yeah, gender’s just pretend. The people will say that I am wrong.”

Because you are, weirdo.

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Is he Sharon, Lois or Bram? You be the judge:

The only thing worse than a hippie is an identity-based hippie. It’s bad enough the music sucks, but to sing to children about the facts of life being a myth proves a level of mental illness that I’ll never comprehend.


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