Bombshell Report: O'Keefe Media Group Uncovers IRS's Use of AI to Spy on Americans' Bank Accounts, DOJ/IG Run Program

Nick Kangadis | February 21, 2024
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If any of you had any shred of faith that the government — at a federal level — has your best interests at heart, this report will chill you to the bone and remove that faith.

Former Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe’s O’Keefe Media Group (OMG) released a bombshell of an undercover report on Wednesday evening exposing the lengths the IRS goes to in order to violate any privacy — at least financially — you thought you might’ve had.

An undercover journalist sat down with Alex Mena, who works in the Criminal Investigations Unit for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and was told about practices the IRS engages in, including viewing Americans’ bank accounts whenever they want through AI technology, targeting the average American because they can and not having a problem with putting anyone in prison for whatever reasons they conclude are worthy of such a punishment.

The IRS’s practices are so egregious, I’m just going to report to all of you what Mena told the undercover journalist, and you can decide for yourselves.

Here’s just some parts of the conversations the OMG undercover journalist had with Mena:

On targeting Americans:

Mena: “They [IRS Agents] are the definition of an a**hole, all of them.”

OMG Journalist: “What do you mean by that?”

Mena: “Like, they have no problem like going after the small people, you know putting people in prison. Like destroying peoples lives, they have no problem doing that.”

OMG Journalist: “They feel like they don’t have any empathy at all towards it?”

Mena: “Not no empathy, they are like robots right now, all of them.”

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On the IRS snooping into people’s bank accounts through using AI technology and the constitutionality of it:

OMG Journalist: “Is it constitutional to do that?”

Mena: I doubt it…[laughs]

OMG Journalist: “My goodness though, but the AI getting into your bank account, is just, I mean, I might have a nightmare tonight thinking about that. It’s ok, I can’t wait to give this news to all of my friends.”

Mena: “Yeah, please don’t tell them my name.”


On the extent to which the AI can view anyone’s bank account:

OMG Journalist: “So AI has access to like everybody’s bank account?”

Mena: “Yes.”

OMG Journalist: “What? And that’s just, is that like nationwide or just here in like New York, New Jersey?”

Mena: “No, nationwide.”

OMG Journalist: “Oh my gosh!”

Mena: “But actually like most of the cases, cause we’re still controlling the AI for now, cause it’s a new system. Like most of the cases we get is like people snitching on each other. That’s most of the cases we get right now.”


On who’s pulling the strings of the IRS’s AI system:

Mena: “The Department of Justice and the Inspector General, all those people are controlling it. Not the IRS.”

OMG Journalist: “You said the IRS doesn’t control the AI?”

Mena: “No.”

OMG Journalist: “Who does?”

Mena: “The Department of Justice and the Inspector General.”

Wow! Just wow. And the government, and those in charge of it, wonder why the American people don’t trust them anymore.

For the full undercover report by OMG, watch below:


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