Chicago Building Brick and Mortar Migrant Camps Amid Migrant Call to Move Back to Home Countries

Nick Kangadis | November 29, 2023
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You have to begin to wonder what some of the motivations might be for the current regime in power to allow unfettered illegal immigration into the U.S. Some people have their theories as to the purpose. But when you hear certain statements coming straight from the migrants mouths, it becomes more and more clear that the aforementioned regime isn’t allowing people to come into the country because they’re such humanitarians.

Illegal immigrants from countries like Honduras apparently didn’t anticipate the cold weather when being spread to places like New York City, Philadelphia and Chicago.

In response to the bitter cold that Chicago winters will most definitely affect migrants with, the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois are apparently working in congress with each other to build brick and mortar migrant camps, some of which “could temporarily house up to 2,000 migrants," according to ABC 7 - Chicago.

Perhaps the most telling aspect of the entire scenario is the words of a Honduran migrant only identified as “Nelson.”

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“We tremble from the cold. I don't have anything," the migrant said. "I would like to go back to Honduras, because this didn't serve me in any way. I came here, and I am living worse than I did in my home country.”

Think about that. “…this didn’t serve me in any way. I came here, and I am living worse than I did in my home country.”

That quote brings us back to the motivation factor for the current regime. We all have our “theories,” but you still have to ask why the Biden regime would encourage entire swaths of people to come here for what the migrants now seem to be considering a worse life.

It’s sad — in more ways than one.


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