Cowards! Instagram Latest Platform to Censor Nashville Manifesto

Nick Kangadis | November 8, 2023
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The censorship of the truth continues by the Big Tech overlords. This time Meta owned Instagram has censored Steven Crowder’s Mug Club undercover team’s reveal of the Nashville shooter’s manifesto.

Crowder posted about the removal Tuesday evening on Twitter/X and included screenshots of the notification that his post was removed, as well as a screenshot of the “guidelines” that the post supposedly violated.

“Your post goes against our guidelines on dangerous individuals and organizations,” the prompt read.

“We don’t allow people to share symbols, praise or support of people and organizations we define as dangerous, or follow them,” the prompt added.

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I’d love the lemmings at Instagram to please explain how posting the manifesto in any way shows “praise or support” for anything Instagram could define as “dangerous.” They can’t.

But, this goes to show that platforms like Meta’s Facebook and Instagram and Google’s YouTube that their pre-approved establishment narratives come before allowing people to know the truth and decide for themselves what they should or should not be seeing.

It’s like 2020 all over again. And if you know what I mean by that, you know.


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