Cuckoo! Olbermann Calls on U.S. Gov. to Ban X/Twitter, Says 'America is Literally at Stake'

Nick Kangadis | November 17, 2023
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There are cowards, and then there are people like deranged, practically exiled former newsman Keith Olbermann. Sorry, but there’s almost nothing redeemable about Olbermann. He spews his brand of hate and propaganda masquerading as fact on a daily basis and has the consistency and stench of bile. Check out his latest “gem.”

Olbermann took to Twitter/X on Friday to call on the U.S. government to “BAN TWITTER-X, CONTRACTS WITH MUSK” because of what Olbermann claims is the “stoking [of] antisemitism, religious/racial hatred, and blaming the ‘other.’”

Anyone see the irony in calling for the banishment of Twitter/X on Twitter/X? It just shows the level of intellect we’re dealing with here.

"With his amplification of a post, duplicating the hateful language of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter, with his doubling and tripling down on anti-Semitism and white supremacy, and with the likely Republican nominee for president, echoing the hate speech of the Nazis and Hitler," Olbermann said in one of the longest run-on sentences in history.

Of course, Olbermann provided no evidence to back up his claims. Oh, and wasn’t it the Nazis that shutdown or surveilled the public ability to communicate with each other and their opinions. Isn’t it ironic? Don’t ya think?

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He continued, "Elon Musk is standing over a tinderbox of racial and religious hatred and intolerance and the targeting of the “other” that has never been fuller and never drier in the history of this country. The peace and security of the United States of America is literally at stake."

So the sky is falling yet again, because the far-left and their insane cultists — like Olbermann sitting in his not-so-humble abode overlooking Central Park while looking like what Rachel Maddow is going to look like in 10-15 years — can’t control everything, like Twitter/X.

Sure, Musk cannot be fully trusted. Not very many people can be afforded that level of respect. But for an amoeba like Olbermann to say that Musk’s Twitter needs to be banned, but was curiously silent when it was proven through the “Twitter files” that they intentionally, in cooperation with the FBI, covered up the Hunter Biden/laptop story in order to affect an election before Musk took over.

He wasn’t so concerned about our “democracy” when the misinformation suited his purposes and wants.

Olbermann is the worst kind of hypocrite, because he truly believes what he says no matter how insane it might be.


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