Democracy Dying in Daylight: WaPo Employees Stage Daylong Strike Amidst Fear of Layoffs

Nick Kangadis | December 8, 2023
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The Washington Post (WaPo), owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, likes to brag that they are shining light in the world, because "Democracy dies in darkness." Well, it looks like the world of the establishment propaganda media is coming crashing down slowly but surely.

Hundreds of WaPo employees, including journalists, went on a day-long strike on Thursday to convey their displeasure with upcoming layoffs announced in October by acting CEO Patty Stonesifer.

WaPo reporter Marissa Lang told NPR the following concerning the decision to strike for the day:

We did not come to this decision to do this walkout lightly. We all work at The Washington Post because we believe in its mission and we believe in what we do. And we care deeply about the work we do, the people, the communities, the stories we cover.

I think this indicates how seriously we all are taking this, how deeply felt a lot of these concerns are in the Washington Post newsroom and in the company at large.

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Video of the strike was posted to X:

With the rise of citizen journalism and video podcasts that viewers and news and political junkies flock to, WaPo's model seems outdated, especially if you couple that with the fact that most people don't trust establishment propaganda outlets like them and fellow left-wing outlet, the New York Times.


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