Ex-NFL QB RG3 Says Shootings 'Not a Political Issue'...Before Advocating to 'Pass Laws'

Nick Kangadis | February 15, 2024
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Football is a violent game — or at least, it used to be. Some players after their playing days sound like they took one too many shots to the head, which has been outlawed for years now. But, the way some of these players and former players sound when they attempt to deliver a “message” — societal or political — makes one think that their heads might need more protection.

Former injury-riddled NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III, also known as “RG3,” took to X on Wednesday following the tragic mass shooting during the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl victory parade to lobby for gun reform.

The only problem is that, while he probably had the best of intentions, his message was the height of hypocrisy.

“Mass shootings are not a political issue,” Griffin posted. “Men, Women and Children dying from mass shootings are not a political issue. Thoughts and prayers are not enough. America is a GREAT COUNTRY. Put the politics aside, work TOGETHER and pass laws to ensure we are no longer known as the land of mass shootings.”

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Anyone notice anything wrong with that post? Take another look:

While Griffin III was adamant that this is “not a political issue,” he then went on to tell people to “Put the politics aside, work TOGETHER and pass laws…”

Wouldn’t advocating for passing laws make this whole argument a “political issue?”

Listen, as I said earlier, I’m not discounting Griffin III’s genuine concern for people’s well-being. I’ve never heard anything bad about the guy. But, maybe proofread what you post before posting it so that you don’t sound like a moron, or even worse a hypocrite. You could excuse a moron for saying stupid things, but a hypocrite is another story.


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