Fake News Unverified: X/Twitter Takes Away Gold Verified Source Badge from NYT

Nick Kangadis | October 20, 2023
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Fake news is fake news no matter how powerful an establishment propaganda media organization is or how long it’s been around. While most, if not all, establishment media outlets deal in a fair bit of fake news or agenda-driven manipulation of factual news stories. So it should come as no surprise when one of these disinformation merchants gets a slap on the wrist. It’s rare, but at least they’re getting a taste of their own medicine.

X, formerly known as Twitter, took away the New York Times’ (NYT) gold verified badge on Thursday, with only a blue checkmark remaining.

For context, as mentioned the gold checkmark is a verified badge showing a source can be trusted, while the blue checkmark is merely a form of a subscription model which get people that pay for it every month more perks than the average user.

Here’s an example of both:

NYTBlue  MRCGold

The Washington Post complained that the decision to take away NYT’s gold badge was of the “unexplained” variety.

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“The unexplained decision removes the only symbol distinguishing the news organization from imposters and comes amid a flood of false information related to the Israel-Gaza war, some of which [Elon] Musk has personally endorsed.”

What makes others “imposters” and the New York Times reputable? Oh, it’s because the Washington Post conveys the same level of misinformation that all the other establishment propaganda platforms do, as evidenced by WaPo’s silence when people were getting “cancelled” and “deplatformed” entirely before Musk took over at Twitter. Gotta keep up those narratives!

Also, boo hoo! Join the friggin’ club! People are censored and degraded all over social media, but the complaints didn’t seem to materialize from those same people during that time.

The bottom line is, and this is the absolute truth, the left simply can’t take getting a dose of their own medicine, and the New York Times is no different.


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