'Get the F**k Out!' Singer Aaron Lewis Calls Out 'Communist' Springsteen, Other Celebs for Threatening to Leave U.S.

Nick Kangadis | January 9, 2024
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Some people are simply more fearless than others when it comes to calling out their peers who seem to drink the Kool-Aid of saying the easy things in order to avoid conflict and keep working in their industry. Of course, it helps when you’re famous and well-off enough to not give a damn what the brass in your chosen profession, as well as your aforementioned peers, might think about your beliefs and opinions.

Longtime singer Aaron Lewis is one of those people whose give a damn seems to be busted when it comes to saying the things that need to be said. I spoke about the rise of speaking up in the face of tyranny this week, but it seems I missed a recent example that Lewis gave the audience in Charles Town, West Virginia on January 5.

After voicing his adamant support for former president and current GOP frontrunner for the 2024 presidential election, Donald Trump, Lewis decided to call out those celebrities that have previously voiced — and not followed through with — their intention to leave the U.S. should Trump or other Republicans be elected.

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Lewis did all his opining while singing his huge hit, “Am I the Only One?” Lewis spoke up after singing the line, “Am I the only one who quit singing along every time they play a [Bruce] Springsteen song?”

“That f**king communist!” Lewis said. “I wish he would move. Go, go! Everybody that has threatened to leave this f**king country, go! Go! We don’t want you here. Get the f** out!”

This isn’t even about Trump, whether you like him or not. This is about calling out the cowards in Hollywood and the music industry.

For Lewis’ full performance of the song, watch below:


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