Get Out! Arkansas Tells Chinese 'State-Run' Company to Sell Farmland and Leave

Nick Kangadis | October 18, 2023
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Okay, so this might not sound very “professional,” but let’s not beat around the bush here — China sucks…in stereo. It’s about time someone held them accountable for attempting to subvert the American way of life by injecting their own communistic BS that they pull over on their own people here.

Well, Arkansas should be commended for telling China to kick rocks.

The state told Chinese company Syngenta, whose parent company ChemChina is reportedly a Chinese “state-owned enterprise,” to sell their farmland in Arkansas “within two years” because of their Chinese state-run affiliation.

“This is about where your loyalties lie,” Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders said.

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According to Reuters:

Syngenta said it was disappointed and called the decision "a shortsighted action" that will hurt Arkansas farmers. The company owns about 1,500 acres (610 hectares) of U.S. agricultural land for research, development and regulatory trials on products used by U.S. farmers, spokesman Saswato Das said.[…]

The order is Arkansas' first enforcement action under a state law passed this year that prohibits certain foreign parties from acquiring or holding land. China is among the prohibited parties because it is subject to U.S. arms export controls known as the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin said.[...]

If Syngenta fails to sell its land, owned by subsidiary Northrup King Seed Co, Griffin can "force them to get out of our state" with legal action, Huckabee Sanders said. The state also fined Syngenta $280,000 for failure to report foreign ownership in a timely manner.

Some may call this hypocritical because of how many U.S. companies do business in China, going so far as to outsource their workforces to the country. The difference is that those companies have contracts with the government (CCP) to do said business on their land and therefore, more times than not, do not own the land their companies reside on.

Forget how much they try and subvert the mindset of other nations to do things the communist way. This is a promising move that should be followed by every other state in the Union, at the very least, as a punishment for inflicting COVID-19 on the world.

For the full press conference announcing the move, watch below:



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