Helmet Head Newsom Calls to 'Amend the Constitution' in Maine Shooting Aftermath

Nick Kangadis | October 26, 2023
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Good ol’ ‘Helmet Head’ is at it again. The guy who is literally the embodiment of the “Rules for thee, but not for me” mantra is once again talking about changing the Constitution in order to leave Americans helpless, all so he can brag to his elitist friends at cocktail parties about how virtuous he like to pretend to be.

Who am I talking about? California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) decided to wax political almost immediately after the mass shooting in Maine occurred, calling on the circumvention of Congress to push his anti-Second Amendment agenda and for the U.S. to “amend the Constitution.”

“We need immediate action — we cannot sit around and wait for Congress,” Newsom wrote. “We need to amend the Constitution to help prevent tragedies like this.”

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No word on whether Newsom has any plans to address the mental illness epidemic that seems to spur on almost every single mass shooting. He's apparently too busy to talk about that since he's his visit with communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping this week.

While the atheists on the left might not care for thoughts and prayers in the aftermath of tragedies like the shooting in Maine, it’s what we can offer in times of mourning.


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