Humpty Dumpty Has Another Great Fall! New Stelter Book Flops, Sells Less than 4K Copies in 1st Week

Nick Kangadis | November 30, 2023
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It’s looks like Humpty Dumpty has had another great fall.

Former CNN anchor and fake news peddler Brian Stelter came out with a new book a couple of weeks ago, “Network of Lies,” which is yet another book from Stelter attacking his former competitor Fox News.

Well, ol’ Mr. Potato Head’s rhetoric appears to have fallen on deaf ears — or eyes in this case — because the book sold less copies in its first week than the size of some larger high schools.

According to Mediaite:

Network of Lies provides a detailed tick-tock of what went on inside Fox News as it dealt with the defamation suit brought against them by Dominion Voting Systems, which concluded with a whopping $787,500,000 settlement last Spring.

Published on November 14, Stelter’s book sold 3,807 copies in its first week, according to Nielsen BookScan. Those numbers are down 82% from his previous book about Fox (Hoax), which saw first-week sales of 20,832 in August 2020, according to BookScan.

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Ouch! Looks like no one cares about Stelter’s point of view — or whatever other propaganda he’s pushing — because he no longer has the platform he once did, along with the fact that former President Donald Trump’s hold on the media no longer has the impact that used to work in the establishment’s favor.

To be fair, Stelter has recently made more frequent appearances as a guest on both CNN and MSNBC. But now, that’s like saying he’s got a new profile on MySpace.

Besides maybe eternal troll Jim Acosta, no one deserves these results more than Stelter. Okay, maybe Oliver Darcy.


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