Judge Joe Brown: Democrat Party 'Switched Over into Glorifying...Dysfunction'

Nick Kangadis | November 15, 2023
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People tend to not like the truth when it’s about them, especially if they’re in a state of denial. So Democrats probably won’t like what one former daytime TV personality had to say about their party as a whole.

Judge Joe Brown, who besides his time on TV was actually a lawyer, joined the “PBD Podcast” with host Patrick Bet-David on Tuesday. While they spoke about a variety of topics, one in particular was very interesting considering Brown admitted that he used to be a Democrat.

“And I’m an Independent,” Brown said. “I can’t stand the Democratic Party these days.”

“Really?” Bet-David responded. “What happened? What caused you to change?”

“They decided to be anti-family and anti-man, and I don’t buy into that,” Brown answered.

“They kinda got stuck over there in that far-left corner someplace, and they forgot about the working people in this country,” Brown continued.

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After being asked about when this change he felt took place within the Democratic Party happened, Brown held no punches.

Somewhere in the last 55 years what’s happened is the country is switched over into glorifying what I call dysfunction, and at some point enough is enough. You’ve got a thing right now where they’re trying to groom children in school. They’re trying to install a secular religion as the official religion of the country. People don’t have any cause, any purpose anymore, so they wanna give ‘em one. But, in this one, it says you have no duty, honor, obligation, responsibility, accountability, be what the hell you wanna be. Just get your freak on and there you go. But that’s not sufficient to keep people working.

Brown is old school in the sense that he truly believes in his opinion and isn’t bashful about saying it in person, rather than on some social media platform. He’s from the era where if you have something to say, it’s not from behind a keyboard. It’s in your face, and it’s uncensored.

We definitely need more of that, instead of constantly speaking in passive aggressive terms that, quite frankly, can be downright insulting to one’s intelligence.

For Brown’s full comments on the topic, watch below:


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