NYT Admits Ukrainian Corruption has 'Emerged as a Rare Area of Criticism' in Zelensky Era

Nick Kangadis | September 6, 2023
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Well, pigs have flown or it’s a cold day in Hell or unicorns do exist, because the New York Times have finally admitted to something a lot of have already understood about Ukraine — the place has been challenged by the foul stench of corruption.

And that “corruption” has been going on long before Ukraine’s current conflict with Russia and well before Volodymyr Zelensky became the country’s leader.

As noted by Breitbart:

Following the dismissal of Ukrainian Defence Minister Oleksii Reznikov amid a slew of corruption scandals surrounding the war effort against Russia, the New York Times acknowledged that the “enduring challenge of corruption in Ukraine” has “emerged as a rare area of criticism of President Volodymyr Zelensky’s leadership.”

Although Reznikov has yet to be tied with any of the corruption scandals personally, the Times went on to admit that the resignation has “elevated the issue to the highest level of Ukrainian politics”. Unnamed Ukrainian officials even told the paper that some funds intended for military contracts “failed to produce weaponry or ammunition and that some money has vanished,” while claiming that the issue was merely confined to the early days of the war.

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Corruption has been such a rich part of Ukraine’s history, “independent” outlet eurasianet did a six part series on the “brief history of corruption in Ukraine,” from “The Kravchuk era” in the early 1990s to “The Zelensky era” as of a few years ago.

For the Times to actually point out what a few in some circles have been pointing out for years, the level of corruption has had to get to a point where it’s no longer unavoidable.

The Blaze founder Glenn Beck did a full deep dive in 2019 concerning Ukraine, it’s ties to very powerful American entities and the corruption that permeated it all.



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