Okla. Commission Warns All Elite Wrestling (AEW) About Use of Trans Woman in Women's Matches

Nick Kangadis | April 19, 2024
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The Oklahoma State Athletic Commission (OSAC) issued a warning to AEW over their use of a trans woman wrestler, known as Nyla Rose, in matches against real women.

According to OKCFox, the OSAC said the following:

The Commission will not approve sanctioning permits between human participants and non-humans or between males and females. A male participant is a person of the heterogametic sex born with XY chromosomes. A female participant is a person born of the homogametic sex with XX chromosomes.

Apparently, the announcement stems from a show AEW did last December when one of the matches on the card was between Rose and Alejandra Lion, a real woman.

The warning was issued in the event that AEW decides to hold another show in Oklahoma.

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Now, the argument against OSAC’s warning could be that this is professional wrestling, and while the physicality and athleticism are very real, the outcomes of the matches are predetermined. The wrestlers are trained to keep each other safe, no matter how devastating the moves look, or how much impact both performers are experiencing. So, why should it matter who wrestles who? There have been matches between men and women in pro wrestling before, so how is this any different?

The counter-argument could be that AEW is presenting matches involving Rose as woman versus woman, when in reality, that is simply not the case.

Both Rose and Lion have come out with statements disagreeing with OSAC’s warning.

As a longtime fan of professional wrestling, it was great to see another large company come on the scene a few years ago, All Elite Wrestling (AEW). But, when I heard that they had a trans woman (so a man) in the WOMEN’S Division, it instantly killed my perception of the company. I’m glad there’s another place for wrestlers to ply their craft, but I just can’t get on board with a company run by a woke guy playing with daddy’s money, Tony Khan. Just make it about the wrestling, not the fact that you’re a fan or about the “glass ceilings” you feel you’re breaking through.


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