SHAME! Leftist Pro-Palestine Protestors Heckle Holocaust Survivor at Calif. City Council Meeting

Nick Kangadis | March 29, 2024
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As someone who has covered dozens and dozens of protests, I can confidently say that many protesters are classless. Leftist protesters take it to another level. And Gen Z leftist protesters can’t even comprehend the concept of acting with class.

No matter where you land on the Israeli conflict with Palestine and/or Hamas is irrelevant to the level of ass-clownery (yes, it’s a word for the sake of this blog) that leftist protesters in favor of Palestine or Hamas — it’s difficult to discern between the two types of protesters anymore — resorted to while a Holocaust survivor spoke in front of the Berkeley City Council.

Berkeley…go figure.

Susanne DeWitt, 89, who was sent to the Dachau Concentration Camp at the age of four, was given her right to time to speak to the council “in favor of the City of Berkeley’s Holocaust Remembrance Day proclamation,” according to a post by the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) Bay Area on X.

DeWitt spoke of the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel back on October 7, 2023, and for her efforts was heckled repeatedly by pro-Palestinian/pro-Hamas protesters.

See for yourselves:

Did you catch that last heckle at the end of the video?

“One genocide doesn’t justify another!” one of the moronic protesters yelled out.

So, they’re actually admitting Hamas/Palestinians engaged in a genocide now? And until this proclamation, were they basically saying that genocide’s okay when they do it?

You can’t reason with the logic — or lack thereof — of leftist protesters.

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Listen, despite not being Jewish myself, I grew up in a Jewish neighborhood north of Chicago. And I met and listened to speeches of Holocaust survivors. No matter how anyone felt, we knew to treat them with the respect they’d earned by going through what they were forced to go through.  We treated them with reverence.

Leftist activists wouldn’t even know how to spell the word, let alone act with a modicum of decorum befitting a Holocaust survivor.

At this point, like I said, it doesn’t matter how you feel about the conflict. These Gen Z leftist protesters in particular just screech and howl about things they don’t understand. And I will no longer take anything they say with any level of respect until they show respect for others or go to the Middle East and back up their tough talk.

Til then, kick rocks nerds!