Six of Eight Criminal Invaders Released Without Bail in NY After Squatting with Drugs and Guns Next to School

Nick Kangadis | April 3, 2024
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Remember how recently I’ve been talking about how the socialist country of Venezuela has reportedly been emptying their prisons and “sending their best” to the U.S. border, illegally entering our country? Well, while I can’t confirm that these particular Venezuelans are former prison residents, crimes are being committed by them all the same.

Oh, and they’re being released from police custody without bail. Just a little tidbit you should all know about our two-tiered justice system. Rules for citizens, not for criminal invaders.

Six of eight criminal invaders who were taken into custody following reports that they had been squatting in a Bronx, New York basement — across the street from a school, mind you — were released without bail, as reported by ABC 7 - New York.

As you might’ve noticed in the X post above, some of the criminal invaders that were in custody are believed to be “under investigation in connection with a robbery in Bergen County, while another “was already charged with attempted murder for shooting another person in the leg during an argument in Yonkers.

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You know, instead of using all this American taxpayer money on funding the lazy, entitled lives of some of these criminal invaders, maybe authorities should use that money to fly them back to whatever trash heap they came from.

This is out of control, but as long as the largest human trafficking operation in human history continues to bring in the blood money Marxist, globalist governments crave, they’ll keep turning a blind eye to the situation they appear to be facilitating.

I didn’t want to use the names of these criminal invaders, because they’re not worth the figurative ink. If you want to know SOME of their names, click on the ABC link above.

Evil, folks. Pure evil.


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