Speaker at Dearborn Palestinian Rally Says White Supremacists Wave Israeli Flags

Nick Kangadis | October 11, 2023
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Supporters in Dearborn, Michigan hosted a Palestinian rally, which is fine if that were it. They have the right to free speech. But their clear hatred of anything non-Muslim or in any way adversarial to Palestinians — and Hamas (let’s not get it twisted) — was on display for all to hear.

One of the more ignorant speaker, who as of this writing hasn’t been identified, spoke about the difference between a Black Lives Matter (BLM) rally and a white supremacy rally — although, I’m not sure about the last time I actually saw a crowd of white supremacists big enough to call a “rally.”

“When you go to a Black Lives Matter rally, you see Palestinian flags,” the male speaker said. “When you go to a white supremacy rally, you see Israeli flags. It’s not that complicated.”

How many white supremacy rallies has this guy been to, first of all. Secondly, wasn’t it a Black Lives Matter group that just posted a now-deleted tweet declaring their support of Palestine while using the silhouette of a parachuter, the same parachuters that dropped in on a music festival attacking — and in some cases raping and murdering — Jews?

Oh, that Black Lives Matter. The Ponzi scheme group? Yeah, they’re totally the “good guys.”

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And don’t white supremacist groups typically hate Jewish people? The best example would be — oh, I don’t know — Nazis.

As radio host and author Mark Levin said, “Stop calling [Hamas] militia. Stop calling them terrorists. They are Nazis.”

Socialists and communists think they can take the U.S. over. As far as I’m concerned, McCarthy didn’t go far enough back in the day.


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