The Stair Master: Secret Service Now Positioned at Bottom of Air Force One Stairs to Prevent Biden from Falling

Nick Kangadis | February 20, 2024
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What would call someone whose sole job is to watch you climb and descend stairs and prevent you from falling? A Stair Master. I got jokes.

So apparently, President Joe Biden now has a member of the Secret Service residing at the bottom of the stairs of Air Force One when he boards and deplanes the aircraft.

According to The Daily Wire, as initially reported by The New York Times:

Even the way Mr. Biden walks to the presidential aircraft is subject to careful management. The president started taking a short flight of stairs directly into the belly of Air Force One, rather than a tall stairway wheeled up to a higher point on the plane, after he tripped and fell over a sandbag during a commencement ceremony this past summer. Now, there is a Secret Service agent positioned at the bottom of the stairs when he disembarks.

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Listen, while it’s definitely funny that Biden needs a step wrangler, it’s also incredibly sad. Think about it. His family, and the people that work directly with him, have to know he’s — on some level — infirm. And yet, they continue to put the man through the paces and rigor of a schedule that comes with his position.

Again, funny…and also sad.


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